Yellow-Tie is a club scientists can join to:

  • Learn what steps they must take to build their reputations and professional networks over the long term, so that employers seek them out
  • Get their career-management questions answered over the long term as they build their careers and encounter the myriad roadblocks the real world offers
  • Learn from and share with others who are on the same journey and experiencing the same things
  • Leverage the power of the group in myriad ways

The idea behind Yellow-Tie is simple. You’re part of a large group of people who love science. We’re a small group of people who love sales. And we both think you should have the career you want without having to play the “Publish or Perish” game.

So we applied our sales expertise to your industry to answer a singular question: “How can the world’s scientists build the careers they want without having to play the get-published game imposed on them by others?”

Access to our solution comes through a club membership. An annual membership is $79 US. However, if you join and then refer a single scientist who also joins, we will change your membership from “annual” to “forever” as a “thank you” for that referral. (No, it’s not a stupid MLM. It’s just our way of thanking you for telling one scientist you love us! Of course, we must first earn that love!)

The how-to information you receive through your membership will be delivered through articles, videos, question-and-answer advice, and group discussions, all of which will be online behind the membership log-in. You will be able to access the information at your own pace from any internet-connected device.

It is important to note that we employed a “do it yourself” model specifically to keep membership costs down. (A lifetime membership for $79 is about as low as it can get.) With our guidance and your commitment, you will be able to build the career you want at the pace you want it, while eliminating a lot of the trial-and-error you might otherwise experience.

Make no mistake about it, building your career on purpose is hard work. But with our expertise on your side, you can minimize the effort and maximize the result. Plus, we know some people will want extra help writing resumes, building websites and whatnot. So we have actively identified great companies with the ethical standards we admire and the services you may want, and then negotiated discounts to their services on your behalf.